Pharmaceutical process engineering

Our pharmaceutical engineering department and our consolidated network of collaborators allow us to offer an integral service of the highest quality to any industry that needs to build a new production plant, modify, renovate or expand an existing one, design or update process systems, implement GMP standards or improve layouts and processes.

From feasibility studies to the start-up of production plants, we take care of the design of facilities and production processes, project and contract management, construction management, supply of process equipment, drafting of documents and training of operators.

Consulting, Design, Engineering and Construction Management

Integrated Project Management

Orbital Pharma offers a wide range of technical services, either on an ad hoc basis or as part of a comprehensive project:

  • Location
  • Financing
  • Plant design
  • Economic estimates or installation alternatives
  • Construction phases
  • Master plan
  • Conceptual design
  • Distribution
  • Circulation (Flows)
  • Basic facilities
  • Architecture
  • Electrical installations
  • Mechanical installations
  • Procedures
  • Security
  • Requests for quotations and quotation tables.
  • Contracts
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Economic control and follow-up
  • Receipt and commissioning of services and equipment
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation and permit tracking
  • Integration of product and process design
  • Simplification and automation of processes
  • Upgrading of old production plants
  • Cleanrooms (enclosures and floors) and HVAC systems
  • Mixing equipment for sterile liquids, creams, syrups, and solids.
  • Fusors
  • Mills and sifters
  • CIP’s
  • Dosing systems and equipment for sterile specialties, creams, syrups and solids.
  • Plant automation
  • Production and distribution loops for WFI, PW, hPW, dialysis water and industrial osmosis water.
  • Pure steam production and distribution loops
  • Distribution of technical gases
  • Distribution of biological fluids
  • Distribution of chemical agents
  • Distribution of process liquids
  • Requests for quotations and quotation tables
  • Contracts
  • FAT and SAT
  • Procedures
  • Manufacturing and packaging guides
  • Technical Report
  • PMV (Validation Master Plan)

Global Facilities Group

Turnkey production plants

Orbital Pharma is a founding partner of Global Facilities GroupOrbital Pharma, a group of companies capable of developing, turnkey, a production plant from the business idea to the start of production,from conceptual development to start-up and market commercialization.

Global Facilities Group’s service includes, in addition to process engineering, the technical design of the building, civil works and urbanization, the implementation of installations, equipment, validation, certification and commissioning.

All this with a unique interlocution and the know-how of three reference companies: Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies, Dopec Pharma and Orbital Pharma.

Integral outsourcing of pharmaceutical and cosmetic production

Development and contract manufacturing (CDMO)

If you do not have your own facilities to develop your project on a larger scale, if your production capacity is full by other projects, if you do not have the necessary internal knowledge to produce a new line of drugs or cosmetics or if you want to focus on development and commercialization, at Orbital Pharma we configure your CDMO platform to your needs.

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Our comprehensive pharmaceutical and cosmetic production outsourcing service incorporating the following phases: