Orbital Pharma

20 years serving the pharmaceutical industry

Orbital Pharma is a technical services company with more than 20 years of experience and a highly specialized multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, biochemists, biologists, designers and engineers.

We work for the pharmaceutical industry, for cosmetics companies, for chemical and biotechnological industries, for research centers, for hospitals and medical centers and for food companies offering a tailor-made service in the fields of engineering, qualification, registration and distribution.

Orbital Pharma

Our history

Around the year 2000, a group of professionals in the sector created a company using the MBO system, specialized in the qualification and certification of installations and process equipment.

We were accredited by ENAC and gained market share and prestige.

Over time, we have diversified our services into the fields of engineering and veterinary regulatory (under the trade mark Reserco).

Today, more than 20 years later, Orbital Pharma has four divisions specializing in engineering, qualification, regulatory affairs and distribution.

In addition, together with Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies and Dopec, we have created Global Facilities Group, a group of companies capable of developing turnkey production plants for the pharmaceutical industry.


Quality assurance


Orbital Pharma is accredited according to the criteria set out in the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 Standard, for testing in the industrial sector for the verification of equipment, components and enclosures such as clean rooms, cabins and controlled environment premises, stoves, incubators, climatic chambers, autoclaves, chest freezers, refrigerators and ovens.

Global Facilities Group

Turnkey production plants

Orbital Pharma is a founding partner of Global Facilities GroupOrbital Pharma, a group of companies capable of developing, turnkey, a production plant from the business idea to the start of production,from conceptual development to start-up and market commercialization.

Global Facilities Group’s service includes, in addition to process engineering, the technical design of the building, civil works and urbanization, the implementation of installations, equipment, validation, certification and commissioning.

All this with a unique interlocution and the know-how of three reference companies: Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies, Dopec Pharma and Orbital Pharma.

Proven experience

Reference customers

In more than 20 years of activity, we have worked for major brands such as Laboratorios Zotal, Puig, Reactivos para Diagnóstico, Recipharm, Quimunsa, Laboratorios Ordesa, Rota Naval Station, Labiana, IRTA, Laboratorios Viñas, Hero or the Agencia Española del Medicamento, among many others.

First level partners

Collaborating companies

At Orbital Pharma we are very proud to have a select group of collaborating companies. Leading organizations in their respective fields, with extensive experience and a great vocation for service that allow us to offer innovative integral solutions with maximum guarantees:

Orbital Pharma

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